Paleo Desserts

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Paleo Dessert

Eating healthy is under-rated. However there are various manifestations that signify a healthy diet. It helps your body to be nourished with precisely balanced amounts of vitamins, minerals and various nutrients vital for its functioning. Maintaining healthy eating habits provides your body with surplus energy and health benefits i.e. prevention of various chronic diseases like Obesity, Cardiac impairment, Diabetes and even Cancer. In addition to this, one can maintain a healthy weight in accordance to his/ her age and height. Stress-handling abilities are also enhanced by right kind of food choices. All these advantages are collectively incorporated in “Paleo Meal plan” that focuses on a back-to-basics approach to cater physical and mental fitness.

Would you like to have an 8 week meal plan that takes care of all your taste buds and yet is perfectly healthy? You can jump right on board with Paleo Diet. The “Paleo recipe books” by Sebestien Noel is where you find answers to all your diet-related queries. The whole book worth $23 comes with three bonuses for its followers. It’s not only the savory spicy dishes but sweet desserts also that are taken care of. One of the gifts of Paleo e-book bundle includes “Paleo Desserts” which encompass valuable information on eating Paleo, amazingly delicious dessert recipes sited with beautiful illustrations, list of ingredients, instructions and serving sizes.

You tend to get sufficient options for whatever paleo desserts you fancy would satisfy your puckish feelings at any time of the day. The “Paleo dessert” book is the first comprehensive cookbook of its sort, which is composed of 125 scrumptious paleo -friendly, low-carb and gluten free recipes with delectable desserts like Dark Chocolate Almond Bark, Cranberry Muffins, Baked Pears, Brownies, Blondies, Carrot cake, Apple Pies & Dumplings, chocolate Peanut-butter ice cream, Choco-shells, Apricot power-bars, Chocolate Chilli Truffles, Coconut Macaroons, Paleo Apple Tart, Paleo Shortbread Tea bag Cookies etc. The names alone are mouth-watering!

There is no denial in the fact that each one of us has a sweet tooth. We savor desserts! Most of the traditionally made desserts are loaded with sugar and packed with heaps of non-paleo friendly ingredients, thus wiping desserts out of question when it comes to healthy eating for optimal health. The question that pops up here is that according to a general perception, desserts are the most fattening things on one’s menu and the first ones to be cut down in efforts to adapt a healthy diet plan. Paleo diet plan as we know is supposed to acknowledge healthy eating habits only so why does it include desserts? NO! Paleo desserts are not a contradiction to the whole Paleo fret about health. In fact, it is by virtue of Paleo desserts that natural, non-synthetic ingredients such as Almond flour, Coconut oil, raw honey, grains, refined sugars and dairy etc have been utilized in making desserts. The paleo desserts tend to have low gluten & grain index which is idyllic for people on diets, which is why they have surged in popularity. Who knew eating desserts would be healthy too? Paleo desserts assist in creating fresh and unique alternatives to every kitchen’s library of favorites! offer a Bonus Ebook with 15 delicious Paleo Desserts FOR FREE.

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Spices and Herbs

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Importance of Spices & Herbs in Kitchen Food

Have you ever envisaged any of the dishes you cook without salt, chili, pepper or any other spices? Will they have any taste, aroma, color or texture? The idea alone is logic-less. The answers boil down to one culinary fact- the importance of spices &herbs in kitchen food. “Spices” is a broad label that extensively includes herbal by-products extracted from leaves, flowers, roots, herbs or nuts etc and then grinded to fine granules or powder to be mixed with other ingredients. The worth of spices/ herbs can be analyzed from the fact that they add flavor, aesthetic, aromatic and therapeutic elements to your food. They tend to appeal to human senses and have a heritage of influencing cultures and societies through trade & daily usage. No cooking can be made zesty and savory without the inclusion of spices in recipes!

Paleo meal plan encompasses all these facts about spices and therefore has been supplemented with a gift Paleo in the form of its bonus book “Herbs & Spices”. In order to come up with a fine quality, tasty and health-friendly finished product of cooking, one needs to add, mix and season the dish with various spices in different proportions, which is only possible if the cook has a keen knowledge about them. This is exactly what “Paleo Herbs & Spices” book do. It is kind of an encyclopedia of the culinary world with comprehensive details about daily-used household spices. Aspects like herb’s family, color, size, apt dishes for usage, quantity to be added, taste, flavor, market availability and judging its quality by a single disposition or outlook have been covered. The medicinal & nutritious health benefits associated with various herbs and spices have also been mentioned thus making the cook capable of tailoring his own meals as per taste and health.

Spices tend to enhance the palatability and temptation of dull diets or spoiled foods. Spices bring the element of piquancy in flavors that not only trigger salivation but also promote digestion. At some places, rare exotic spices & herbs tend to add gustatory statements to class by creating a sumptuous banquet. Interestingly, therapeutic abilities of spices and herbs have also been identified and exploited by pharmaceutical companies. E.g. ginger improves digestion, cloves comfort sinews, mace prevents diarrhea, and cinnamon relives sore throats and the list is by no means exhaustive. Another important feature of spices is their use as food preservatives owing to their anti-microbial activity. No wonder these spices/ herbs are bliss for Food Processing Industries.

Paleo meal plan for instance propagates the idea of healthy eating habits incorporating natural ingredients. It is Paleo’s list of tempting spices/ herbs that add flavor to dishes lacking on other artificial flavorings. Spices not only exhilarate your taste buds but include an inspiring list of phyto-nutrients, anti-oxidants, minerals and essential oils. There is a diverse variety of spices to choose from e.g. pepper, cardamom, cassia, chile pepper, cinnamon, clove, coriander, cumin, garlic. Ginger, horseradish, mustard, onion, saffron, sugar, tamarind, turmeric and on the other hand are innumerable herbs like basil, mint, rosemary, oregano, parsley, thyme, sesame, bay leaves, lemon grass and so many more. Considering the aforementioned benefits of spices/ herbs, who would not want to use the Paleo’s glossary to use them as natural taste & quality enhancers?

For complete list of culinary herbs and spices visit Wikipedia

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Meal Plan of 8 Week

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Free Meal Plan

In this busy fast pace life, if you don’t have meal plan for the diet, you’ll end up getting addicted to bad eating habits. Nourishing ourselves and our families is an inevitable task of everyday life so why not plan it to details and live healthy, hale and hearty? Meal planning might need some extra effort initially but the pros certainly outnumber the cons by a huge gap so it’s a must! It not only promotes a healthy lifestyle and eating pattern but also saves time & money, manages your grocery budget and cuts down on waste and excessive fats/ Carbs & calories. One tends to take in a balanced and pre-proportionate amount of nutrition required that would perk up growth & development and secure your old age health. Most importantly, if you have a meal plan ahead of time, you can design a diet as per your body demands, lifestyle and working routines because what’s good for one individual is not necessarily apt for the other!

The Paleo meal plan is the healthiest, most nourishing and wholesome diet, based on the diets of our ancestors in Paleolithic era, by virtue of which you can satisfy your nutritional requirements to help you stay slim, fit and energetic. Research in various disciplines like Biology, Chemistry, Ophthalmology, and Biochemistry etc has established this meal plan as a modern diet composed of refined foods, Trans sugars & fats and natural ingredients that are applicable in the elimination of various degenerative ailments like obesity, stress & depression, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes etc.

The 8-week Paleo meal plan is not merely a suggestion. It’s a complete elaborate system to go Paleo this season! It covers a diet menu for breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks along with 100s of efficient & savoring recipes as your cooking guide in the kitchen. It also considers seasonality of food items, diversity of ingredients to choose from, planned use food left-overs, and weekly meal complexity. No more, No less! The haves & have not’s are clarified along with reasons in the basic premise of Paleo meal plan. Point to be noted here is that it’s not just another weight loss diet plan but promises to improve your overall fitness and immunity just by eating like our Stone Age ancestors.

What makes Paleo meal plan an idyllic diet is the health benefits it imposes. This diet has proudly cleared the tests of time and severity of scientific inspection. Reduced allergies, stability in blood sugar & lipid levels, burning off stored fat, weight loss, balanced energy all day round, triggered autoimmunity, anti-inflammatory effects, better skin & teeth and improved sleep patterns are the wondrous advantages of Paleo meal plan to name a few. You get to pay or give-up nothing to relish all this except shifting your eating habits towards a healthier diet. Forbidding grains, legumes, dairy, carbs on you and increasing the intake of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals is the key to Paleo diet.

The underlying reason behind Paleo meal plan’s affectivity is that our genetics have undergone very little change since ancient times and therefore resents the intake of processed/ canned foods, refined sugar or dairy products etc. result is weight gain or diseases. Hence, the scientifically hailed idea of optimal health is to eat natural and simplify diet. It promotes foods like fish, eggs, turkey, fruits & vegetables, nuts and olive oil and demands to cut down foods with low glycemic index or inappropriate proteins. Testimonials from women depict that this meal plan tends to alleviate pain, boost up energy, speed-up metabolism and reduce dependency on medication. Offer A complete 8 Week Paleo Meal Plan For Free.

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